When can my construction project begin?

We will make every effort to begin your construction project as quickly as possible.  Recent demand for contractor work has kept us busy but we you are important to us too, so give us a call so we can get you scheduled!

How much will my project cost?

Every project differs, but we are very competitive with our pricing and will try to work with you within your budget.  Modifications can be suggested to help reduce costs, or we can also provide recommendations to improve the final appearance.  Tap into our years of work to help you get the result you desire!

Can you do construction work outside of the Bend area?

Yes, we are willing to travel beyond Bend, Sisters and Redmond, anywhere within Oregon to help get your project rolling!

Can I change my mind once construction has begun?

We are here to make sure your final project is done to your satisfaction.  Just give us a call if you have changes mid-stream and we will do our best to revise the project at the lowest cost to you.

Can I visit the site while you are working?

Of course!  Safety is our top priority but you can definitely come visit us while we are working.  Come take a picture with our big equipment, we are happy to have you involved!